February 2017 Davidson Academy Prospective Student eNewsletter

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February 2017

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  Student to Student

Hello, prospective students!

My name is Bridget Conway, and I’m in my sixth and final year at Davidson.

Throughout my time here, I’ve been given the opportunity to really explore my interests. I’ve realized that I love Critical Theory and Philosophy—something I learned through taking many classes and realizing what I loved (and what I didn’t), and something I almost certainly wouldn’t have realized if I was anywhere but Davidson. How many other high schools offer a Philosophy of Science elective, for instance, or let you take university classes until you find the subjects that really capture your interests? I’ve also been given the opportunity to be a teacher’s assistant, editor-in-chief of a literary magazine, and a member of countless clubs. All of these experiences have made me really aware of my own strengths and weaknesses.That’s one of the really wonderful things about Davidson. There are all these clubs, ranging from social activism to science (and, yes, even some sports!) that anyone has the opportunity to participate in and really see what their passion is. The self-direction us students can take in our extracurriculars and clubs as well as in our classes is super empowering and rewarding.

Part of the reason we have so many learning opportunities is because of our teachers. They’re genuinely incredible—they have very high expectations of all their students, which can be daunting at first, but is incredibly valuable in the long run. Being challenged is tough, but it’s rewarding. I can honestly say that I’m really proud of the work I’ve done in many of my classes, not just the grade. Having critical and constructive discussions in class, comments on essays, and an overall learning environment is something I really appreciate, especially as I get closer to graduation. The discussions I’ve had in classes have been some of my favorite learning experiences—they tend to be really organic, and even though they’re motivated by a reading or topic, they tend to evolve a mind all of their own. This allows for simultaneous breadth and depth of material and a lot of critical thinking.

My experiences at Davidson have been so constructive, and I genuinely think the growth I’ve experienced here is necessarily synonymous with what the Academy stands for. Applying can seem rough in and of itself, and the rigor and high expectations can be scary, but it’s definitely worth it. I hope to see you apply!

~ Bridget Conway, Davidson Academy student

 Davidson Academy's Online High School

Designed to be Different — Online Option for Profoundly Gifted Students

The Davidson Academy, a school for profoundly gifted students located on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno, is launching a full-time online high school. Now students whose families are unable to relocate to Reno can access the Academy's exceptional educational experience.

2017-2018 Academic Year
The online high school will include accredited courses for incoming freshmen and sophomores, with courses for juniors and seniors being added in subsequent years. Applicants must be 12 to 15 years old as of Sept. 30, 2017, submit ACT or SAT scores according to the Davidson Academy Online High School Qualification Criteria and commit to being full-time students. This age requirement will be expanded upward as more advanced high school courses are added in the future. Please visit the Online High School's How to Apply page.

The online high school final application deadline is April 15, 2017. Applications that are completed by the deadline will be held open for students registered for the March 11 SAT or April 8 ACT. Visit www.davidsonacademy.unr.edu/online for more information.

Calculate Your Personalized Tuition Rate Today!
For Nevada residents, attending the online school is free and there is no application/assessment fee.

For students living outside Nevada, there is a $100 application/assessment fee, as well as a flexible tuition rate. The Academy's flexible tuition model takes into consideration annual family income, cost of living adjustment based on location of primary residence, the number of dependents in the household, and other relevant factors to determine a personalized tuition level for each family.

During the month of February, applicants can calculate their personalized tuition rate for the online high school at no charge and no obligation to continue the application process. Email applications@davidsonacademy.unr.edu with "Voucher" in the subject line to obtain your $43 fee waiver which will allow you to complete the FAST application at no charge to you.

Please email online@davidsonacademy.unr.edu if you have any questions.

  Davidson Academy's Reno School

The Right Fit for You?

While the deadline to submit applications for the 2017-2018 school year has passed, it’s not too early to think about 2018-2019. A free public day school for profoundly gifted middle and high school students located on the University of Nevada, Reno campus, the Davidson Academy provides an environment designed to fit your social and academic needs. If you are interested in applying to the Academy for the 2018-2019 school year, the application will be posted this August.

Please review the Qualification Criteria  and How to Apply pages of our website for more information. The Academy is specifically designed to meet the needs of profoundly gifted middle and high school students who score in the 99.9th percentile on IQ or college entrance tests. On the Application Review Process page, you will find detailed information about the on-site assessment.

  Student Activities

Davidson Academy student Ming Li Wu (pictured, right)recently gave a Tedx talk at the University of Nevada, Reno. Ming Li, a spoken word poet, reminds us that in this global age, we all have the power to foster conversation about identity, navigating the world, and forming a more aware and empathetic community. She offers two original poems about her own identity as examples. View Ming Li's Tedx Talk.

Academy student Pranit Nanda was one of two Nevada students who has been selected for his outstanding community service efforts and was named a Prudential Spirit of Community Award Distinguished Finalist.

Davidson Academy journalism students were invited to a special event with executive editor of The New York Times Dean Baquet, who recently visited the University (pictured, right).

All 19 of the Academy students who were identified as Semi-Finalists in the National Merit Scholarship competition have advanced to the Finalist standing. Congratulatiuons to the following students: Paolo Adajar, Shashank Addagarla, Melissa Bak, Michael Bogert, Will Combs, Maya Gupta, Hayley Haas, Anna Hayes, Ameen Homayoon, Hannah Huh, Breanna Kjoll, Rinik Kumar, Eric Liu, Matt Oakley, Ian Oh, Elizabeth Phelan, Dhruv Rohatgi, Michelle Vesser and Ming Li Wu.

The Davidson Academy's DECA team recently traveled to Las Vegas to compete in the Nevada State Career Development Conference and did extremely well, competing in various events related to business, marketing, finance and entrepreneurship. For the second year in a row the Davidson Academy won Chapter of the year, receiving the most awards and performing the best overall. Congratulations tothe followng stidents for their numerous honors: Paolo Adajar, Matthew Bauer, Lauren Brilliant, Yatin Chandar, Aiden Choi, Maya Gupta, Hayley Haas, Samantha Hasegawa,  Anna Hayes, Morgan Heath-Powers, Ameen Homayoon, Rinik Kumar, Ethan Lu, Sarah MacHarg, Nisha Mani, Julia Nai, Pranit Nanda, Sky Noh, Isabella Noonen, Roshan Panda, Kyle Shelton, Tayla Travella and Vivek Yanamadula.

  In the News

The Davidson Academy won the 26th Annual Nevada Science Bowl held in Las Vegas! The Academy team (pictured from left with NSTec president Jim Holt: Eric Liu, Matthew Bauer, Ian Oh, Rinik Kumar, Paolo Adajar and Coach Brett Guisti) defeated more than 30 high school teams. The Academy received the first prize of $5,000, which will be used in the math/science department, and will represent Nevada in the Department of Energy's National Science Bowl in Washington D.C. this April. Sources: KTVN, KRNV My News 4 Photo courtesy of KRNV

The Davidson Academy was featured on Nevada Newsmakers! In this interview (audio) and (print article), Academy Director Colleen Harsin talks in detail about the Academy's new national online high school option, as well as the day school in Reno. The new online high school was also featured in the Reno Gazette-Journal.

The Davidson Academy was referenced in an Education Week article, "Discrimination in Gifted Education Must End," which discusses the under-representation of minority and low-income students in gifted programs, and steps taken to correct this.

“Nowhere else will you find a place so supportive, or as willing to do whatever it takes to help students realize their full potential. If you have a passion, I can guarantee you that it will not only be made accessible to you, but that its exploration and development will be encouraged. In short, being a student at the Davidson Academy has been an immensely positive experience for me, and one that I hope you may one day share.”

Ryan Mann, Davidson Academy Graduate

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