February 2009


Greetings Educators Guild Members!

Although it may be snowing where you are, summer is right around the corner and registration deadlines for camps and programs are quickly approaching!  Below are several options across the country for interested students.  Please keep in mind if these camps are not located near you, you are more than welcome to write to us at edguild@davidsongifted.org and we’d be happy to assist in finding one!   


Pacific Region

·         Oxbow Summer Art Camp – California

·         TechKnowHow Summer Computer and LEGO Camps – California

·         Math Camp – Oregon

Mountain Region

·         Math Path – Colorado

·         Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation – Arizona

Central Region

·         Spectrum – Illinois

·         Longhorn Music Camp – Texas

·         Cub Creek Science Camp – Missouri

Eastern Region

·         DNA Summer Camps for Students – New York

·         International Youth Summer Camp – Virginia

·         Young Writers Workshop – Connecticut


In addition to the above, you may be interested in browsing through the Davidson Gifted Database for a listing of hundreds summer opportunities




A WebQuest is an inquiry-orientated activity in which all or most of the information used by learners is drawn from the Internet.  They are designed to utilize the learner’s time well, to focus on using information rather than looking for it, and to support the learner’s thinking at levels of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. 


A Rubric for Evaluating WebQuests, San Diego State University

Here you'll find a ready-made template for scoring or evaluating student WebQuest projects, complete with scoring categories. Checklists with additional scoring criteria to evaluate project fine points are also provided.


Since it’s Black History Month, the following WebQuests may be a perfect addition to the curriculum you are presenting to students:


Echoes of a Dream (Language Arts: grades 9-12)
Students examine the Civil Rights Movement in historical perspective, the leaders that emerged and laws that grew out of the era in order to answer the question, "How does Dr. King's Dream echo in my life today?"


The Great Migration (Social Studies: grades 3-5)
In this website students will take the point of view of a African American in the South in 1918. They will decide whether to migrate North after having access to information.

Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Multidisciplinary: grades 3-5)
Take students back in time as they piece together the important events of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Students will research articles about his accomplishments, listen to his famous "I have a dream" speech, and view a timeline of his life. To sum up their research, students will create a newspaper article describing what they learned. Once all tasks are completed, students are allowed back into present day, where they can carry on the legacy of MLK in their own hearts and lives.  


As always, if you are looking for assistance, ideas or resources, please feel free to contact us at edguild@davidsongifted.org.   


Davidson Institute Updates


2009 Davidson Fellows Scholarship Applications Available

Applications due March 4, 2009

For more information, or to download an application, please visit the Davidson Fellows website. 



2009 THINK Summer Institute Applications Available

Next application deadline March 18, 2009

To download an application or to learn more about THINK, please click here




Davidson Young Scholar Applications Available

If you would like to learn more about the Young Scholars Program, or if you would like to download an application, click here




Davidson Academy of Nevada 2009-2010 School Year Applications Available

For more information, please visit the Davidson Academy website or feel free to check out the upcoming tour dates here.




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